Screen direction for storyboarding

Screen direction for storyboarding


“screen direction for storyboarding”.

is a term used in motion picture and video editing and refers to an underlying concept of cinematic grammar which involves the direction that actors or objects appear to be moving on the screen from the point of view of the camera or audience. A rule of film editing is that movement from one edited shot to another must maintain the consistency of screen direction in order to avoid audience confusion.

Frame Right/Camera Right: In a frame if the character (or vehicle or any such moving object) is headed towards the right direction of the screen, then this movement is called Frame Right/Camera Right.
Frame Left/ Camera Left: If a Character (or a car, or anything else) is moving from right To left in a Frame, then this movement is called as Frame Left/Camera Left.
Frame Right/Camera Right: In this frame, an actor will walk towards right side from left and on the following shot the same actor start walk from left side in order to make the frame meaningful. *
Frame Left/ Camera Left: In this frame, an actor will walk towards the left side of the image from right side and on the next shot the same actor’s walking direction is from right side to the left.
Why it is needed in Filmmaking?
Scene Direction technique is using in filmmaking for the purpose of shot Development.

Suppose you are filming a scene where a person is moving to his work place from left to Right. Suddenly he realizes that he forgot to take the wallet and rapidly he went back to his home. Here on his return way, the person should enter from right to left. Here the audience get a feel about his return back to home. If you disobey this rule, your film will become meaningless.
Remember These Things
Always keep aware of Scene Continuity. The costumes, co-actors and surroundings must be identical in both to and Fro Secessions
This technique is not needed in a Scene that telling Periodical situations. Let’s explain to you with an instance,
Condition No 1: if you are filming a scene where a wagon is moving from Left to right and the wagon will return back after Five Days. So, in between these 5 days there are lots of things are happening in the movie. Then in such a time, a scene direction technique is not needed. But if you added it too, nothing wrong with it.
Condition No 2: If that scene is not a periodical based one, then the wagon must enter into the frame from right to left in return time.

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