Why use storyboarding ?

Why use storyboarding ?

Why use storyboarding ?
It is both an artistic and logistic process allowing the film crew to have a visual idea of what the director wants in the scene before the actors, actresses, props and set get involved. The role of a good storyboard artist is to prevent a lot of wasted time in filming aspects of the scene that are not what the director is looking for, as well as streamlining or eliminating unnecessary scenes and filming requirements from the production.


Film making is hugely collaborative and a good storyboard represents a road map that can keep everyone on track during production. It lets you see the plan ahead of time and allows the various departments involved to prepare in advance of the cameras rolling.

Storyboards are organizational tools that help videographers, editors, animators, producers and directors create a rough visual representation of a final movie or video project. The storyboarding process is widely used in professional projects, but is often overlooked in more amateur productions. Here’s a look at how you can start to incorporate the storyboard process into your next project work flow.

Why should I bother with a storyboard?
It may seem like using a storyboard will just be a waste of time, but in all actuality it will probably save you a few hours worth of time in the long run. Storyboarding forces you to think through all of the logistics of your project. Not only can you determine the flow of the plot, but you can also determine what camera angels you will use, what graphics you might need and where you might need sound effects.
The storyboard process is also a great opportunity to collaborate with other people. Take the time to sit down with all the members of your team and toss ideas around. This is the perfect point in the process to arrange and rearrange the flow of your video to come up with the ultimate project.
Overall, having a storyboard will help you stay organized when you shoot and edit. By providing everyone on your team with a detailed visualization of the final product, you can be assured that your time shooting and editing will be efficient and well organized.
Storyboards provide many benefits, of which these are just a few:
Sequence instruction and show how different elements relate and fit together;
Generate a clear plan for project management;
Make sure you, clients, and team members are all on the same page;
Document changes and previous ideas.


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