Storyboarding skills_Jeremy Bernstein

Storyboarding skills_Jeremy Bernstein


Storyboarding skills_Jeremy Bernstein

Jeremy Bernstein is a director, storyboard artist, animator, character designer, and writer who has worked for Dreamworks Television, Dreamworks Feature Animation, Nickelodeon, Sony Imageworks, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Marvel, and Stussy. He is a graduate of the character animation program at Cal Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and is currently developing three animated TV series pitches and an animated feature in his spare time. His credits include ‘Home’ the Netflix TV series, Breadwinners, Monsters Vs. Aliens TV series, and the Emmy, Annie, and BAFTA award winning series, The Penguins of Madagascar. His animation credits include, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Kung Fu Panda, Monsters Vs Aliens, Shrek 2 and 3, Madagascar, Flushed Away, and Over the Hedge.
Jeremy got his start in animation working on the very first ‘Family Guy’ pilot at Jim Keeshen Productions. He then moved on to storyboard, write, and animate for Tim Burton’s web series ‘Stainboy’. Jeremy also writes and illustrates his own books. He has self published seven books and exhibits his original paintings and illustrations at various galleries throughout Los Angeles. He lives with his wife, their cat ‘ Chicken’, and way too many books and vintage toys in Silverlake, California.


To see more about Jeremy, please visit or Instagram
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