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Storyboarding book author

Javier Secaduras Author

Javier Secaduras

Javier Secaduras has worked in the entertainment industry in Europe and the United States for over 18 years now. Indeed, he has international experience, having taken up posts in France, Holland, Stockholm, Vancouver, and finally Los Angeles, where he spent half of his animation career. Moreover, he has worn various hats over the course of his career, having worked as a director, art director, storyboard artist, animator and Disney comic artist. He has worked for major and independent studios including Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, Disney, Klasky Csupo, Moonscoop to mention a few. As an instructor, Javier has taught numerous seminars and workshops on storyboarding to professionals and students throughout Asia, Europe and South America. Although Storyboarding by Experience marks his debut in writing and producing a published eBook, it is the natural next step in sharing his keen insight and unique professional experience.

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