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Storyboard Online

This eBook shares knowledge and techniques from a Hollywood production perspective. Based on years of industry experience, it is an educational and interactive guide for both students and professionals, and will provide necessary knowledge for accomplishing any animated production in 2D, 3D, flash, stop-motion, graphic motion, or for creating any non-live action product.

We present fun, dynamic methods that will appeal to students and visual industry professionals alike. We provide creative techniques and strategies to help them improve their sketching and storyboarding skills and enhance their overall understanding of the storyboarding process.

The eBook includes the following features:

    • Video tutorials, detailed illustrations, and other tools enable users to visualize techniques with greater clarity and understand the entire process for any non-live action production.

    • Interactive features help students and professionals to understand the finer points of storyboarding and work through problems and solutions.

    • Skill-building activities are both fun and practical, and include exercises that enable users to practice what they’ve just learned.

    • A unique collection of never-before seen guidance, comments and tips from industry professionals.

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With our eBook online version we are also offering you full access to locked articles and videos from industry professionals in our Blog.

Get all the inside tips and tricks and start drawing like a Pro!

storyboarding blog

storyboarding blog

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